Who’s Megan?

Striving to be among the next generation of PR rock stars.

Megan (me) is PR pro living in living, working, loving, learning, and generally finding her way in Boston. She’s a passionate communicator, cares excessively about people and work, is an aspiring foodie, is great with people, loves to learn, and is just starting to get a handle on what she want from life.

Megan is the Public Relations and Marketing Manager at Medical Records Institute. Prior to that she worked as a Online Marketing Consultant specializing in web copywriting and SEO at Positronic Design. Megan graduated from Smith College in 2006 with a BA in English and French.


this is me. (hi)

Some of the things that make me, me are…

old and new books. magazines. blogs. websites. signs. ads. table tents. whatever happens to be in front of me. words are my thing.

anywhere and everywhere. any chance I have to get away I’ll take. my favorite trips have led me get lost, get dirty, get angry, and get real.  favorite destination: paris. best trip: cambodia. future plan: budapest

I’m not an artist but I love layout. using color. playing with punctuation. italics. making communication visual.

social media to be exact. I’m in PR so by nature, I love communication. talking, reading, writing, exchanging thoughts and ideas. it’s all there online, except suddenly it’s quicker and easier and more direct.

As I mention in my first post, I’m still figuring all of this out. Stay tuned for more about me.


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  • 1. Jana Hill  |  December 30, 2008 at 1:38 am

    I read your article on social networking online – great job! I am a Gen-Xer and currently a freelance writer, and I just stumbled upon the concept of online networking as a business tool while job hunting. I left a job at a daily newspaper after a repetitive stress injury three years ago, and have had poor luck replacing that job, hence the freelancing. I started Facebook for fun, at the advice of a friend, then found Linked In, Twitter, MySpace, and Digg and started using them all to aid my job search and spread the word about my (devloping – not really totally done yet) Web site.

    Thanks for the article. I’m going to bookmark that magazine now and I’m following it on Twitter.

    – Jana Hill


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